Cheap martyrdom by Ego Ideba

It wasn't love at first sight 

I wanted  to love you 

If that misfortune so happened

And we were married 

I would love you 

I would will myself to love you 

So I stepped out 

On nothing at all 

Tempting faith

I gave love…

The Masquerade is here by Nwaghero Dubua

The masquerade is here 

Omeni had scrubbed  for this surgery like other times and helped the main assistant to drape the patient  while waiting for  the  Masquerade to take  rein of the knife.

"Machete"  he called startling…

The story of Aghadion by Nwaghero Dubua

Agadadion was not a trained soldier.

He was just an ordinary man.

Content with being himself .

His desire to conquer his world  like the heroes he secretly admired was his undoing.

He knew he was not supposed to…

Take me to the moon

Take me to the moon 

Just leave me there 

I want to dance  alone 

I want to dance 

Without inhibitions 

I want to dance 

And dance 

Until respite comes to my soul 

Until all of my fears are spent 

Until my frustrations become mists


Physiognomy class lessons by Ida Essien


Innocence is holy

It is to be hallowed 

Anger is  such an elegant word

Too elegant for the coarse collateral damages it does 

Adrenaline is male , and Labile 

It is short acting and has a very short half- life

Bile is female ; potent and stable

Bile has better…

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