Take me to the moon

Take me to the moon 

Just leave me there 

I want to dance  alone 

I want to dance 

Without inhibitions 

I want to dance 

And dance 

Until respite comes to my soul 

Until all of my fears are spent 

Until my frustrations become mists


Physiognomy class lessons by Ida Essien


Innocence is holy

It is to be hallowed 

Anger is  such an elegant word

Too elegant for the coarse collateral damages it does 

Adrenaline is male , and Labile 

It is short acting and has a very short half- life

Bile is female ; potent and stable

Bile has better…

Ofe- akwu by Ego Ideba

you are that sassy queen

Queen of sauces 

made for the palate of man and angels

Ofe - akwu ,we hail

Men give their love at the first prompting of your aroma

And are unswerving in their loyalty to you

Many a…

Button- Rishi_Mania

He was running through the corridor looking for a shirt. Well any colour will do now. It's only 30 minutes to his presentation and he has already made a freaking mess out of his shirt.…

Excerpt from 'Conjucture' by Rishi

# Conjucture

She was going through the most insipid moment of the day. Her hair was nicely parted, her just bathed cold body was hastily covered with an old cloth- yet to be draped. Her…

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