The woman I became by Ida Essien

I wasn't always this woman

 Life tempered me into her

Life vexed me 

It vexed all that was solid  within me 

It poured my person 

As liquid lava 

Liquid gold lava 

Cast in the most pristine mold 


An ode to Nigerian party jollof by 'Nwanna Okeke'

Party jollof( original Nigerian  jollof) 

I am here 

Bow down bitches!

I come smoking , and hot

you know , hot

My swag,

Is of seismic proportions 

I am the glamour 

That berths the  dock

Of many a lively party

I elevate the spirit…

We must be human

Be human.

For in that world where men have grown wiser than their maker,

And have cloned humanoids,

Who have pacemakers for a heart,

Mechano - receptors for alimentary canal,

Steric currents for consciences,

Oppressive wills for guts,

We must be…

Who's really an adult?

Now there's really nothing I would like so much than to cast all this conditionings, discipline and normations that formed me into the air and run free on the shore of life: casting off my shoes…

Letter to entitlement by Nwanna

A note to entitlement!
       Dearest entitlement, 
            I hope your present state of delusion is not too…

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