Chiekwekwe , the story of a goat 5, by Ego Ideba

Chiekwekwe was not the only animal we've had. Did I say animal ? Pet ! There was Bob, a handsome German shepherd, who had been with us for four years. Bob was the most loyal creature. He was very observant  and obedient. If you needed an efficient guard over both human and non human pilferage of the meat roasting on the hearth or just about anything of measurable importance, Bob was the right candidate. He was very trainable—having mastered how not to eat off the ground , and not do his toilet  just anywhere. He even accompanied us on mango stealing expeditions: never making a fuss about other kids and adults except when he smelled them as inherently dangerous. We never queried his judgement — if Bob ruled you evil, then you were evil by all means . This judgement  varied from a sudden change from a benign disposition to an unexplainable belligerence or plain unprovoked physical attacks on the evil person. To confirm this judgement, such persons avoided us like a plague. A greater  number of these evil folks were dog eaters , according to Ufonwa. What did i know ? 
As was the habit with mother, he was castrated to keep him at home. Bob faithfully and dutifully stayed home except when he made excursions to nearby bushes for toilet. Bob was the toast of our house and other houses nearby. But, he soon developed a strange illness that defied all medical help, and we had to put him away. We were all sad : mother was sadder! She was particularly attached to Bob. Funny mother would replace him with a goat : Chiekwekwe for that matter. 
How did he even earn this name? Chiekwekwe was an avowed narcissist. He manipulated mother's affection to no end , using every privilege laid out, to his advantage. His welcoming bleats were interpreted as hunger whines by mother , who would  fly into a rage at such times, calling us lazy and bad children for not feeding him. But we fed him , we would maintain. Mother never believed us. This was a recurring thing. The nags riled my nerves to no end . Did mother think we could allow her pet starve? Oh , there it was ! Chiekwekwe was her pet , her bloody business: not ours !

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