Chiekwekwe - The story of a goat by Ego Ideba


How he could tell the females from the  males  in the air was beyond  nwa Umuzu. Buzo, was the neatest of us all. Whenever mother bought things for us, his , would  last longest: appearing new every time he displayed or used it. Buzo also had fine taste buds who exerted their picks from a wide range of foods, for a child. He liked market bought yams especially the ones with green inscriptions on them — inscriptions he owned, were a measure of their sweetness. I shared this attribute with him . Never mind that the home grown varieties  were better scented and so tasted better on the buds of people like my aunts, mother and Ufonwa( my immediate younger brother)—people cursed with the tart tastebuds of our ancestors. One of such yams was  ji abi , the Chinese yellow yam, a cantankerous creation: never met a food so unfriendly. Most adults in my village ate only this kind of yam, and stored it in their barn all year round. Some deliberately stored and grew everything in next planting season, eating only the leftovers after planting or the harvest damages , during the harvesting season. Buzo  liked home grown corns because  they could be harvested before they were due; a choice one only exercised if  he was the farmer. These types were the sweetest  when roasted. The sublime orgasm on the tastebuds, from the popped sweet gluey fluid was a lifetime experience— we( Chieekwekwe inclusive — the idiot had learnt and developed similar taste patterns like us ) all agreed with him on this . Buzo owned  that if corns were allowed to mature or over-mature a little before  harvesting, they  stole  the  above pleasure by eating witchcraft;  even Chieekwekwe  avoided ones tainted with this story : it did not matter that they were hot or cold . 

And then,  there was twelve year old  , Ufonwa. Oh Ufonwa , my Ufonwa! He was a big dealer of scrap iron and related articles. At twelve he had an impressive height of 6'2", and a voracious appetite that blighted my love for him. After i was taught the Great Qattara depression of Egypt in a geography  class, i thought another one existed in my brother's belly.

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